Arthi Chakravarthy

Humans and Viruses
Human Biology 115A
Winter, 1999
Robert Siegel, instructor

Researchers of Bunyaviridae

This page will give reports a number of different researchers behind Bunyaviridae who improved our understanding of the virus. By no means is this list exhaustive.

J. Casals

He was critical in first classifying viruses that were related within the Bunyavirus family, into the Bunyamwera supergroup. He worked on many different viruses to determine possible relationships between them. Among the viruses that he worked on include Bunyamwera, serogroup C, Guama, California group, Capim, Anopheles A, Simbu, Bwamba, etc.

L. Whitman

He also partcipated in constructing antigenic relationships between Bunyamwera supergroup. He worked with Guama viruses, California group viruses, Guaroa viruses, and many other viruses within in the Bunyaviridae family .

R.E. Shope

Shope also participated in researching the antigenic relationships between different viruses within the Bunyamwera family. He worked with group C viruses, California group viruses, and Guama virus.

F.A. Murphy

Murphy was critical in determining the morphological and genetic relationships of Bunyamwera supergroup viruses and other unclassified viruses. His work layed the ground for creating a new family, Bunyaviridae.

D.H.L. Bishop

He works on replication of Bunyaviridae, and demonstrated segment reassortment. He was also interested in establishing serological realtionships between viruses within the Bunyamwera supergroup.

D.H.L. Bishop, C.H. Calisher,J. Casals, M.P. Chumakov, S.Y. Gaidamovich, C. Hannoun, S Lvov, ID Marshall, N. Oker-Blom, R.F. Pettersson, J.S. Porterfield, P.K. Russel, R.E. Shope, and E.G. Westaway

Together they established biochemical and molecular similarities between the Bunyamwera supergroup viruses that percipitated the creation of the family Bunyaviridae.

D Kolakofsky

He documented that members of Bunyaviridae steal caps from the host to initiate transcription. His study focused on genome transcription and replication in different constituents of the family.

HW Lee and PW Lee

They illustrated the causative agent of Hemmoraghic Fever and Renal Syndrome by examining A agrarius on the river banks of Hantaan River. They found antigen in the lungs of the flies.

GR French

French, and his team of researchers, determined the etiological agent by growth of virus in a line of human cells.

CJ Peters

Used PCR analysis to determine that Sin Nombre Virus was a Hanta virus.

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