This devious virus is a member of the Lentivirus genus and Retroviridae family. There are five variations of this virus, clades A-E, which differ based on the envelope gene sequences. There are a lot of similarities between this virus and the sooty mangabeys' Simian Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus is 80-100 nm in diameter. It has two copies of monopartite +ssRNA. This sneaky virus is also able to transcribe DNA from RNA using reverse transcriptase!





Power: This virus will destroy your immune system by killing your CD4+ T-cells. It also infects macrophages. Just like with HIV-1, its even scarier cousin, this virus will make you susceptible to opportunistic infections!



Attacks: This virus will attack your immune system, slowly and steadily.

Outcome: According to the CDC, there have been 79 people infected with HIV-2 in the United States since 1987. Of these, 17 have developed AIDS and 8 have died. HIV-2 is associated with similar opportunistic infections as HIV-1, as well as AIDS.

Speed: This virus has a slow speed of progression.



Vaccines: None currently available. :(

Behavioral: This is the best line of defense against this virus. Proper use of condoms and other safe-sex practices, screening of the blood supply, and not sharing needles will all help protect you. There is less likelihood for HIV-2 to pass from mother to child than HIV-1, but proper birthing procedures and other drugs may further reduce this mode of transmission.

Treatment: Not all of the drugs used against HIV-1 may be helpful against HIV-2. Nucleoside analogs are effective, as are protease inhibitors. However, non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) will not protect you! Because there is no viral load assay available for HIV-2, it is harder to tell whether these treatments are effective than it is for HIV-1.


Game Action: SINISTER MIMIC--This virus mimics its most sinister cousin, HIV-1. However, it often goes unnoticed because it attacks far less frequently.


HIV-1 may be worse than HIV-2,

but do not be lax!

This pesky virus will still kill you!