This togaviridae is small, spherical and enveloped. It is of the alphavirus genus, but don't be fooled, it can be transmitted from mosquito to vertebrate and back to mosquito. It is 60-70 nm is diameter. Watch out! This virus is +ssRNA (12kb) and icosahedral.





Power: This pesky virus caused a huge epidemic in 1959-1962, affecting at least 2,000,000 people. Though most people recovered after symptomatic therapy, this virus will make you feel quite unpleasant. There have been no reported cases since 1962, yet it is possible that this virus can re-emerge again at a later time, making lots of people profoundly unhappy.



Attacks: Though pathogenesis in humans is unknown, viremia occurs during the first 3 days of illness.

Outcome: The unfortunate victims will have markedly enlarged lymphnodes. There is a sudden onset of joint problems. After 4 more days of unpleasantries, 60-70% of victims will have a rash.

Speed: The incubation period is at least 8 days. According to the viral-god, FIELDS, "once virus transmission was detected in a village, it might last several months....relentless progression of the disease through Uganda proceeded at an average of 3km each day." (pg. 865, book of G-d)



Vaccines: None available! Got to just grimace and bear it!

Behavioral: This disease is spread by Anopheles funestus and Anopheles gambiae. Reducing the number of the mosquitoes or reducing contact with mosquitoes through use of bug spray, insect repellents, etc. may help spare you from this virus.

Treatment: You can treat your symptoms--nothing other than symptomatic treatment is available.


Game Action: STEALTH--this virus can remain invisible for long periods of time. It is able to appear out of nowhere and make you sick!


O'nyong-nyong will weaken your joints,

so don't get bitten by a mosquito,

or in this silly game, you will lose 10 points.