Filovirus 2000 Useful Links

+ Recent 1999 outbreak of Marburg virus in the DRC

+ Newest Ebloa Epidemic: ProMed reports (updated frequently)

+ African hemorrhagic fever: Welcome to Marburg country

+ Italian Association of Primatology: Net News (Yes, there IS english on the page. . .try scrolling down)

+ Track global health by country at the CDC

+ Reemergence of Ebola Virus in Africa

+ A cool TM image of locations of first Ebola Zaire cases (from NASA)

+ Experimental Inoculation of Plants and Animals with Ebola Virus (weird, huh?)

+ What are the chances of Ebola virus coming to US? --Dr. Donald P. Francis

+ Virology.Net -- a good source of nifty virus information and pictures

Last and DEFINITELY Not Least of All:
+ Ebola Virus Links on the Web

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