Marburg Virus (MBG)


+ Incubation: incubation time whenever it could be determined was on average 8 days. 5 days have been the reported shortest and 9 days is the reported longest.

+ Epidemiology: infection occurs via contact by bodily fluids. For epidemiological history, see filovirus Introduction.

+ Symptomatology & Outcome: Sudden onset of fever and headache accompanied by vomiting, non-bloody diarrhea. Enanthema, drowsiness, conjunctivitis, myalgia, lymphadenopathy are also seen. Recorded fatality rates are much lower (23% in 1967 outbreak in Germany, Yugoslavia).

+ Pathology & Pathogenesis: unknown

+ Prevention and Management: No specific therapy is available for filoviral infections. The lower case fatality of Marburg results from the aggressive medical management employed during outbreak. Specifically, transfusions of whole blood and replacement of coagulation factors were completed. Prevention includes the use of disposable syringes; however, these should only be used if they can be properly disposed of as well. In addition education to increase physician awareness of viral hemorrhagic fevers and to raise the standard for barrier nursing are also effective means of prevention.

For additional information, please see Filovirus Update 2000.

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