Software projects

Members of the lab (and I) maintain various MR physics and engineering tools in several github accounts. These include

  • ISETCAM -  (image systems engineering toolbox for cameras) A set of tools to support camera design and analysis.  This includes the modern implementation of S-CIELAB (1998) image quality metric.
  • ISETBIO.   (image systems engineering toolbox for biology). A collaboration to produce an open-source model of the front end of the human visual system, from scene radiance to retinal ganglion cell responses.  We are part of the way there.
  • VISTASOFT  – This software includes methods for analyzing fMRI, diffusion weighted imaging, anatomical data, and ECoG data.  Many people have contributed to this repository.

Project on Scientific Transparency (PoST)

The Simons Foundation generously helped us to develop software for scientific data management.  This a Project on Scientific Transparency  (PoST) is designed to facilitate data and code sharing in neuroscience.   The concepts that were developed here are now being developed and extended for use at other sites by a commercial venture, Flywheel Exchange.

In the Videos section of my web pages, you can find two talks about the project.

The database backend of the software developed in this project is also being used by Russ Poldrack and his colleagues to support their work on open data sharing in openNeuro.


These are now mostly managed through the software projects and links on the wiki pages above.  I am leaving these here for now.