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Talks – Scientific Data Management

Talks - MR methods

Talks - Visual cortex, plasticity, general

Talks – Image Systems Engineering

Videos (Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Psych 204A )

A set of 5-10 minute MRI tutorials. Tutorial topics include MR quantities (PD, T1, T2), Pulse Sequences, Free induction decay, Imaging principles, Linear models, Imaging gradients, Slice selection

Videos (Image Systems Engineering, Psych 221)

Full 50 minute class lectures (2012 or 2013)

A set of 5-10 minute tutorials on image systems engineering. Tutorial topics include, Spectral Radiance Units, Measuring Radiance, Spectral irradiance, Linear Models

On the L3 pipeline (by Qiyuan Tian at NVidia GPU conference).

Videos (ISET Tutorials)

ISETBIO Computational Tutorials

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of my online text book Foundations Of Vision