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SKIL was built thanks to the dedication and energy of many individuals. I would like to wholeheartedly thank all of them who voluntarily gave time to this project, in addition to their full-time responsibilities.

My particular gratitude goes to Ronnie Fields as the expert technology coordinator, Charles Kerns for his insight and help on the project in general and with CourseWork in particular, Janine Stanhope for tireless coding in HTML, Victoria Szabo for production management and support, Lina Yamaguchi for her elegant design and production, and Kathy Kerns for overall great guidance, support and help in content and production.

I would also like to express my thanks to Corinne Arraez, Grace Baysinger, Adam Christensen, Shelley Haven and numerous others who contributed to the success of SKIL.

Finally, special thanks to Professor Andrea Lunsford, Director of the Program of Writing and Rhetoric at Stanford, whose commitment to the libraries and the research process has enabled the birth of SKIL.

Malgorzata Schaefer,
Project Manager and Content Developer


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