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Israel and the Arabs

     Fay Afaf Kanafani asks:
     "If your concerns are about International matters, why do you never approach the Middle East subject and the holocaust that Israelis and their supporters impose on the Arabs in that region? Does the killing of our children and the destruction of our societies enter into your international concerns?"
     WAIS should devote more space to the Middle East, but we are not engaged in a conspiracy of silence, which would go counter to WAIS policy. Indeed, I have made clear my own position on this delicate matter, namely hat the creation of the state of Israel was a mistake even from the viewpoint of the Jews themselves,
     Because of the US support for Israel, the public generally is unaware of the anti-American anger this has generated throughout the Islamic world, not to mention the very mixed feelings Europe, especially France, has. Policy differences are slowly coming out. The San Jose Mercury News (4/4/00) has an feature article from its Middle East Bureau entitled "Israel ignores US call to halt China arms sale." The subtitle will enlighten those wondering what it is all about: "The Phalcon sale could tip the power balance between China and Taiwan." One world, indeed.
     As for abuse of the Palestinians, many American Jews are unaware of the treatment of Palestinians. I have an excellent Jewish friend, a great supporter of Israel, who believes that the Palestinians freely gave up their houses and lands and were well paid for them. I always wonder if he really believes this. At the same time, WAIS is even-handed. I have not hesitated to express my criticism of Islam and its adherents. All WAISers are encouraged to document their views and to express them politely, without fear or favor.

Ronald Hilton - 4/10/00