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The future of the Israeli-Palestine dispute

From the UK, John Heelan comments on the statement: " Sharon has done his cause harm by blocking access to a EU commission, and, while many find him odious, the comparison with Hitler is silly, even physically". John says: "Probably right! A better comparison would be with Saddam Hussein. Both are attempting to colonise their neighbours by armed force; both have committed atrocities; both have sought to cover up their misdeeds by refusing inspection by United Nations teams; both blatantly ignore UN Security Council resolutions; both are a threat to the stability of the Middle East region.

The major difference is that the Bush Administration (aided and abetted by the sycophant, Blair) supports Ariel Sharon with funding and threatens Saddam Hussein with annihilation. Perhaps if Arafat discovered major oil reserves in his region, the Palestinians might receive better US support?"

Ronald Hilton - 5/4/02