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Islam and Bellydancing

Professor Juhn Wonder, a Hispanist writes: "I find the Moslem world unpredictable and basically uninteresting. Everything about it is derived from superior cultures which they halfway assimilated and which made them seem superior in comparison to Europe for a period during the Middle Ages. Why would you expect consistency in their "morality"? What a joke!"

My comment: John's attitude is similar to that of many people in northern Spain such as the well-known author Emilia Pardo-Bazán, who resented the fact that most foreigners, when they think of Spain, think of "Carmen" and Andalusia, where Moorish culture and gypsies had most influence. García Lorca represented that "culture", but bullfights, which he and Hemingway loved, apparently had nothing to do with the Moors. (Did Hemingway know Lorca, who died before Hemingway went to Spain to cover the Civil War?)

Ronald Hilton - 10/13/01