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Israel-Palestine dispute: a poster

Raśl Escalante writes: "I was appalled at the poster, but disagree with the interpretations drawn from it. Whereas, the various signatory groups may have meant different things (some more radical and anti-Semitic than others), the mainstream message I read is that the State of Israel, and particularly Ariel Sharon, considers the Palestinian people animals for slaughter.

The poster is abominable and in the poorest taste, and those responsible for it should be seriously chastised for the ambience of fear it must generate (I sympathize with any Jewish student at SFSU), let alone for the misuse of public funds. However, it is far from a professional effort, which among other things means that many different interpretations can be drawn from it (some of which may be unintended). The fact that interpretations like those communicated in the posting can be safely drawn from it is proof of how serious its publication is.

I think we shouldn't read to deeply between the lines to make of this a bigger issue than it already is".

Ronald Hilton - 5/17/02