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Islam and Bellydancing

Miles Seeley, who spent much of his career in Arab countries. says "Unlike Professor Wonder, I find the Moslem world fairly predictable and endlessly interesting. But then, I feel the same way about the Korean and Japanese cultures. They are all places I lived for extended periods and it was my job to try to understand something about them. A dismissive attitude does not foster understanding. I do not agree that other cultures, including ours, should be labelled "superior." Happily for me, I found many things about these cultures which I thought at least equal to ours, albeit different".

John Heelan, an admirer of Lorca. writes: "Given Spain's intellectual heritage, it is somewhat disappointing that a "Hispanist" such as Prof. Wunder would espouse such views of the Moslem (sic) world in the light of the "orientalist" attitude displayed having been healthily debunked by Edward Said some years ago.

García Lorca said he resented being held up as a representative of the costumbrismo of Andalucía (however we also know that Lorca, like Dalí, was economic with the truth and "Romancero Gitano" was a major step in his career). It is possible that his interest in the corrida had more to do with the toreros than the toros, as it scarcely appears in his works, (other than in the lament to his great friend, Ignacio Sánchez Mejías.)"

Ronald Hilton - 10/13/01