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The Middle East: A Ha'aretz article

WAISers include many American supporters of Israel, some of them extremely vocal, but we seldom hear the contrasting views of others: WAISer friends of the Arabs who tell me they have given up; Europeans, and above all Palestinians, who are scarcely represented in WAIS. We must try to present a balanced picture of informed world opinion on the Middle East and to understand the complexities of Israeli opinion, from the Peace Now movement to the Likud party, which rejects the possibility of a Palestine state, although its leader Ariel Sharon had agreed to it, clearly under US pressure.

Salah Feteih sent me an article from Ha'aretz, with this note: "This article was not published in Cairo, Riyadh or Baghdad, but rather in Tel Aviv. I heard commentators on US TV saying that the IDF are mainly professional reservists such as lawyers and journalists, who had to leave their work and offices to fight war against "filthy'' Palestinians ... After reading this article, I can imagine where the filth came from ... May I suggest that before accepting new recruits to the IDF, they should make sure that they are potty trained ... " Rather than post the whole articlke, I asked Salah Feteih to give us the url. She replied: "Below is the link to the Ha'aretz article. Simply cut and past the whole URL into the address field of your browser, that should get you to the Ha'aretz newspaper website and the article. It is important to share this article with people who are still under the impression that the IDF are professional reservists who were dragged from their offices to fight a filthy war ... Their behavior, which is widely publicized now in all international circles, will ensure that there will be more suicide bombers and little chance for peace in the region.

There are many Jewish intellectuals who care about the Palestinian people and their well being, among them: Naom Chomsky and Israel Sharon. They realize that for Jews to live peacefully they have to let others live peacefully as well. The current Zionist government in Israel, led by Ariel Sharon, have failed to realize this simple fact of life, and they are under the illusion that their soldiers can go and finish the Palestinians off. They ought to be reminded that Hitler and the Nazis tried to do the exact same thing, they had much more sophisticated war machine, they did not receive an annual 3-5 billion US$ in aid, and the only thing they managed to achieve was their country's destruction".
Let me know if you have difficulty downloading the article. If so, I will post it.

Ronald Hilton - 5/14/02