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Debate on the Middle East

Tom Grey says the present US Middle East policy ia an improvement over previous ones: "Reason magazine, more Libertarian than Randian, has a fine article about Bush spending, not squandering, the world's goodwill. The article makes the correct case that the prior 5 decades of US policy in the ME were a mistake -- but in being against Saddam, and in favor of freedom for Iraqi people, Bush has blown up the mistaken past policy. Now, at last, at least, there's hope, the final creature from Pandora's box. See Perhaps the most awkward and obnoxious of America's Cold War alignments were in the Arab world. Washington supported tyrannies and monarchies that wrecked their economies and stunted their politics. The Arab regimes wallowed in corruption and incompetence. They entrenched poverty and blocked middle-class aspirations. They jailed liberal dissidents and political moderates. They fertilized the soil for militant Islamists who provided the only outlet for dissent. They then attempted to neutralize Islamism by diverting its energies to hating liberalism, Americans, and Jews".

Ronald Hilton - 5/14/03