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THE MIDDLE EAST: Different US Perspectives

Brian Lamb devoted an excellent C-Span program to interviewing Los Angeles Times experts, beginning with Doyle McManus (Stanford, 1974), chief of the Washington bureau. He spent two years as its correspondent in Beirut, and he has a feel for the Arab world. He was struck by the bewildered remark of President Bush, who said that he could not understand why the Arab world hated the US. In line with our postings about history textbooks, Doyle McManus said that Arabs have a quite different vision of history from ours. Often those who call in on these programs are not too bright or well-informed. This time all the callers were very good. Among the subjects discussed were Zionist control of some US media and the link between the Carlyle Group, an oil consortium, to which President Bush and several of his cabinet belong, and the Bin Laden oil interests. I wonder if Doyle McManus lectures at Stanford in Washington. If not, he should definitely be invited. C-Span goes around the world over the global program of the US information service. One call came from Algeria, about the bin Laden operation there. Another, unintelligible, came from Nigeria. It would be interesting to know what audience the program has in the Islamic world.

Ronald Hilton - 10/12/01