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Islam and Bellydancing

Guity Nashat of the University of Illinois replies to John Wonder's criticism of Islam: " I would recommend that he read Marshall G. S. Hodgson's three-volume work called The Venture of Islam (University of Chicago Press), . He may learn about why many Westerners who study Islam consider it one of the greatest of world civilizations. Hodgson, who died in 1968, has been called one of the greatest American historians of the twentieth century by many Europeanists and Americanists who have read his work.

Let me also respond briefly about female circumcision. This is not mandatory in Islamic law, and in fact it was a pre-Islamic practice in Egypt, African lands south of that country, and areas which it influenced, perhaps the Yemen. This is why even the Christian Copts in Egypt circumcised young girls".

My questions: Is female circumcision practised in countries like Pakistan and Indonesia. I should think the Taliban would love it. And what about belly-dancing?

Ronald Hilton - 10/22/01