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MIDDLE EAST: Israel, Palestinians, and Jerusalem

Argentine diplomat Raul Estrada-Oyuela, a member of the WAIS International Advisory Board, brings good news about Hoover Distinguished Fellow George P. Shultz. Funny. I go to Hoover every day, live just down the street from him, and follow the media like Argus, but it's news to me. Something wrong with the local news coverage, which stresses issues like the right of people to walk their dogs in the foothills.

Raul reports that the Spanish edition of L'Osservatore Romano (7/28/00) reproduced statements that Shultz, Secretary of State under Reagan and a senior adviser to George W. Bush, made to the Italian daily Avvenire. He said that the time has come to consider the proposal of John Paul II to give Jerusalem a special status. since it has a universal significance, beyond the interests of Jews and Palestinians. There is a third party, the Christians. Shultz sees this as the only way to get the negotiations out of the dead end.

I hope this story is accurate. L'Osservatore Romano is the Vatican's newspaper, but I do not believe it would invent it. Shultz has great prestige, even among the Jews, so his word would carry a great deal of weight. There is her a glimmer of hope in a dark night. May it turn out to be the dawn.

Any clarification would be appreciated.

Ronald Hilton - 7/29/00