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Israel-Palestine dispute: an excellent Primer

Tom Grey writes: "Here is a GREAT primer on the Israeli-Palestine conflict. It comes from the Middle East Research and Information Project: is the home page. Here is the URL which gives contents of the Primer:

The first page highlights an uncomfortable truth: Palestinians do not believe that they should forfeit their land to compensate Jews for Europe's crimes against them. Israel was created to BE a Jewish state, and THE Jewish state -- so criticism of the state is almost synonymous with anti-semitism -- by Jewish/Zionist design.

And Paul Simon, bless him (for being such a good person!), should be challenged: Does the US issue visas to all Eastern European Jews who would rather go to the US instead of Israel? I think not -- but I think it should. And if the US does not allow Jewish freedom of movement, for whatever reason, then its actions support greater Israeli Jewish pressure to settle more of the limited land, thousands of (questionably legal) dual citizenships notwithstanding".

Ronald Hilton - 5/17/02