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The Israel-Palestine problem

Tom Grey writes: "First, I agree that the Palestinians "cannot be defeated" -- but that is because they are ALREADY defeated. They live lives of oppression and suppression, without a meaningful nation-state government. Second, it is interesting that you note how the "Zionists" rejected alternate Jewish resettlement. I am convinced that today, if the US were to offer ALL Israelis a US Green Card, a huge number of the Jews would jump at the chance, probably some 90% of the immigrants of the last 10 years. I am surprised the Arab Public Relations people, none of whom I know, don't emphasize this hypocrisy of the US -- wanting Soviet Jews, for example, to be "free" to go to Israel, and settle on occupied Arab land, instead of going to the US, where most of them (so I've heard and believe) would rather go. If one believes that the Palestinians were treated unjustly in 1947-1948 and since, as I believe, then the open question remains what is justice? Do Palestinians have a "right" to self-defense, defense of "their" territory? If not, why not?"

Ronald Hilton - 5/10/02