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The Israel-Palestine problem

Commenting on the Israeli-Palestine problem, John Wonder says: "Don't you think the world already has too many people? I do. What to do about it, aside from a nuclear war? Nobody seems to want to confront the problem. If people reproduce like rabbits, that is their problem. Paraphrasing Ortega y Gasset: the mass man only understands a problem when he feels it in his own flesh". John's solution is too radical. It reminds me of a conversation I had in Communist Moscow with a West German trade representative, whose negotiations were not going well. He said in all seriousness "There will have to be another war". At Stanford I had a conversation with an opponent of giving medical aid to the Third World because "disease is Nature's way of keeping the population down". In fact a lot of attention is being paid to the population problem, and "experts" assure us that development will solve the problem. Will it? That said, we must admit that John has a point. Look simply at Mexico and the crowds of immigrants, illegal and legal, to the US. This at a time when the US is opposing plans at a UN conference on children to meet the population problem. As for the Middle East, which was where this discussion began, the outlook is not encouraging. The Arabs are multiplying at a faster rate than the Jews, and the conservative Sephardic Jews who fled from North Africa are multiplying faster than the more liberal northern Jews. Commenting on the Israeli-Palestine problem, Paul Simon says:: "Tom Greys assertion notwithstanding, I can state that he is wrong about Israelis (or Palestinians) bailing out of the Holy Land if they had green cards. Sorry, Tom, as a Consular officer I am not allowed to give you all the numbers but tens and tens of thousands of Israelis, possibly even more, are already dual nationals who carry US passports. And...surprise, perhaps, so are thousands and thousands of Palestinians". I do not want to go into the issue of dual citizenship again; we already spent too much time on it. Although a common practice, it is still technically illegal. As for the Palestinians, stress the "perhaps". In any case, if the population pattern develops as it is, many liberal Israelis will certainly want to come to the US.

Ronald Hilton - 5/12/02