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The Israel-Palestine problem

Tom Grey writes replies to the posting from Paul Simon: "It does little to change my mind about the post-1990 immigrants to Israel from Eastern Europe. I would not be at all be surprised if most of the Dual Citizens first had US passports, most probably from birth, then got a second from Israel; and may well not exclusively reside there. In any case, it doesn't directly address the non-US, non-Israeli immigrants. Here is a link to a study from Dec 1991, which is similar to what I recall reading at that time; this about Soviet Jews. I particularly like this study noting the pressure for housing, the US "demand" (historically ignored) that the new Jews not be settled in occupied territories, and the fantastic success Israel has had in diverting attention AWAY from its illegal action -- illegal according to the Geneva Conventions (that it and the US are signatories to).

Secondly, I looked at the Israeli newspaper article: Someone even managed to defecate into the photocopier The IDF soldiers who moved into West Bank cities left behind destruction and degradation, Amira Hass reports. The Jewish occupation (IDF) as described here was really contemptible. I don't doubt that Arabs have done, and will do in the future, terrible inhumane acts. And they too, deserve and get censure for some of these acts. Certainly the Israeli state seems far, far superior in democracy and culture than any of the Arab or Muslim neighbors. But being the best is neither perfect, nor above criticism.

My own "suggested peace process": The US should support a Palestinian referendum on whether Palestinians want a state with pre-1967 borders excluding all Israel, (probably a big yes) -- which INCLUDES recognizing pre-67 Israeli borders (probably a small yes). If the answer is no, there cannot be peace. If the Palestinians vote yes (when they vote yes?), then the US should begin reducing money for Israel, 5% per month, until Israel withdraws from illegal occupied territory or the US support for illegal Israeli action drops to 0%. This money should go to Palestinian mayors or whoever are the most local elected officials, as matching development funds for the local needs (allowing reduced local tax!) There must be no pre-conditions on the (impossible) stopping of terrorism first -- this is as unrealistic as asking for unsettling the settlers, first. If the Israelis withdraw from their conquered land (when?), the US should support some significant increase in aid to Israeli businesses (150% of current levels?) for some significant time (3 years?) to aid in the transition.

With so many BILLIONS of US taxpayer dollars at stake--don't Egypt and Israel together receive 50% of all US foreign aid?-- the US politicians are failing in their responsibility to gain peace. Especially by influencing Israel, where so much US tax money goes. It looks like the Israeli-US idea is to offer/ impose an unfair, unjust peace on the defeated Palestinians, and get them to agree. So far they haven't. I'm afraid there will be, for at least the rest of my life, plenty of suicide bombers who will NOT accept excessive injustice. ch/special/soviet.html

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Ronald Hilton - 5/20/02