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Israel vs. Palestine

Les Robinson says: "It needsto be emphasized, as you have done, that much blame does lie on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. I say this even as I admit that my sympathies do lie mostly with Israel. If a soft-spoken, conciliatory Barak could not reach an agreement with Arafat, it would seem to me that the bitter Palestinians will be satisfied with nothing less than to push the Jews out of Israel. So, what hope is there? Surely no agreement will be achieved by Sharon and Arafat. Is there a soft-spoken, conciliatory Palestinian who can replace Arafat? I have heard there are such but could one possibly be elected? Sharon is in power precisely because Barak had no success dealing with an intransigent, duplicitous Arafat. It seems to me, though, that Sharon's hard line will be even less successful".

My comment: Alas, I see no hope. It will go on and on. It is not simply a question of the Palestinians. A billion Muslims are alienated and seeking revenge. The Europeans do not share the hard pro-Israel position of the US. I deeply hope I am wrong.

Ronald Hilton - 6/6/02