Other Discussions on the Middle East

Jews, Arabs, etc.

My memo has elicited some interesting responses. Let me reiterate that it was not a defense of Christianity, but rather an appeal for tolerance, as most of you understood. As for gays, I was just criticizing their public strategy. One respondent blames Christianity for anti-gayism. True, but Judaism and even more Islam are less tolerant. One respondent questions my assertion about anti-Americanism in the Muslim world. Admittedly there are few polls. However, I have travelled through most of the Islamic world, and, since my special area of research is Spain, a battle ground between the two faiths, I have been following opinion closely. A intelligent Catholic writer about whom I have written extensively, Emilia Pardo Bazan, hated Islam and those who were taken in by it. Fernando de los Rios, Minister of the Second Republic whom I knew, was a devotee and friend of Islam. A well-known Spanish writer who lives in Marrakesh is writing a book about Islam, "De la Zeca a la Meca." It should give us more insights. I should simply warn against taking at face-value declarations of friendship.

Ronald Hilton -