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The Middle East again: Jews versus pro-Palestinians at SFSU

Regarding the anti-Israel riot at San Francisco State University, Paul Simon raises an important point: "Students and university employees who were AMERICAN CITIZENS (regardless of their faith, of course) were apparently set upon by foreign national students on temporary F-1 visas. That is so illegal and unacceptable it is unbelievable. I hope the INS takes appropriate action. Guests in ANY country have an obligation to abide by local laws and mores. Those not willing to do so should not come or should depart when the urge to devolve to tribalism overtakes them".

I assume that action has been or will be taken against the foreign nationals. I have seen no report on the number of the rioters who were foreign nationals. By the same token, Americans abroad should be dissuaded from taking part in anti-government (or all?) demonstrations. They do so frequently. Anti-globalization protests usually involve nationals of many countries.

Ronald Hilton - 5/22/02