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I quoted the Iranian News Agency report on CNN for what it is worth. Hank Levin defends CNN:

"To suggest that the Iranian Theocracy has higher credibility than CNN shows a perspective with no solid evidence one way or the other, and even the Palestinian Authority has not made such an accusation. The NY Times reported today that a major publication in Pakistan had a story saying that the WTC had 4,000 Jews working in its edifices, and not a single one showed up for work on 11 September. You might want to check our obituaries and find that Jews were a substantial portion of the total casualties".

My comment: This raises the extremely important question of the veracity of the press. The American press has an infinitely better record than that of the Iranian or Pakistani press, but even it has lapses. One must be careful in rejecting out of hand stories not in accord with what the US press says. I have found this out in many cases, such as the Bay of Pigs. The does not mean that the Iranian News Agency story is correct, simply that we must record it.

Ronald Hilton - 9/22/01