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MIDDLE EAST: Seeds of Peace

This posting went to members of WAIS all around the world:

A common cause of war is the demonizing of other countries, and WAIS fights this. The Middle East is a notorious example of this evil, which is being fought by Seeds of Peace. It is the result of a visit to the Middle East by a delegation of Freedom Forum. Seeds of Peace every year brings youths from every country in the Middle East to a camp in the US, with a visit to Washington DC to hear discussions among specialists moderated by Joan Wallich, including this year one between a Jewish and a Palestinian journalist.

Seeds of Peace says that it leaves the selection of the children to the various governments since they know their country best. Obviously the chosen will be the children of people with good ties to the governments, but that may not be a bad thing since, with their fresh ideas, they will be able to bore from within. They all dress in green, suggesting that the seeds are growing and that all peoples are equal. Clearly there are language problems, but it is a noble and generous endeavor, which WAIS applauds.

Ronald Hilton - 8/22/00