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MIDDLE EAST: The famous roadmap

The Iraq military campaign was startlingly efficient, but two doubts remained. The first was Iraq's possession of WMD, the casus belli. Every day, Bush said he was sure they would be found, without saying why he was sure. At the same time there was a total silence about Israel's WMD. The second was the famous road map to solve the Israel-Palestine problem. After much talk about it, finally it was released, and Ed Jajko pointed us to the web page. I read the text twice, since I could not believe my eyes. There was no mention of the critical issues. Others were equally surprised. The New York Times (4/5/03) ran a long article, which appeared in other newspapers, by David K. Shipler. The title ran: "Mideast in Crisis. 'Road map' ignores central Israeli-Palestine issues. Jerusalem, settlements not part of outsiders's common-sense peace plan". Clearly the Quartet (US, UN, EU and Russia) could agree only on platitudes. All the build-up before the publication of the map was just bluff. The US is now bullying Syria. Where will it all lead?

Ronald Hilton - 5/5/03