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THE MIDDLE EAST: The Saudis and the Palestinians

Daryl DeBell says: "General Sullivan's reply to me that he will never tolerate a terrorist who has sworn to kill Americans implies that I would. Obviously that is a ridiculous canard. My point was entirely different, a point evidently lost on the General. I said what should be obvious; that one should make a great effort to understand the motives of an enemy, and if possible remove those motives. The Palestinians do have serious grievances which need to be addressed. This need is unlikely to be addressed however, since Israel and the evangelical Christian 'right' in this country are being guided by the writings of the old Jewish patriarchs: taking literally, as the word of God, what these grandiose old men wrote in their patriarchal tribal grandiosity. Compromise is a concept and a goal which is hardly in their vocabulary, and the goal of Armaggedon appears to be all too attainable".

Ronald Hilton - 7/1/03