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THE MIDDLE EAST: The Saudis and the Palestinians

Miles Seeley, who knows the Arab peoples well, expressed his affection for them. John Heelan comments: "Having also worked in the Gulf, I agree with Miles Seeley on most of his points, although I did experience the feeling of being a second-class citizen in Saudi Arabia, as a foreigner being often forced off the sidewalk by groups of Saudi youths. There is much to admire in "Arab" culture as Miles points out, such as the strength of the extended family, taking life as it presents itself rather than worrying about the future, the consolation of a strong religious belief. I suspect the fighting history of the Arab tribes lends itself far more to guerilla warfare than the formal battles that Western forces are more used to. Vietnam and other conflicts (such as Northern Ireland, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc) demonstrate, Western-trained forces have difficulty combating guerilla tactics".

Ronald Hilton - 6/30/03