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Violence in the Middle East

Miles Seeley says: "As one who lived for 7 years in Arab countries and was in Jordan for the Six Day War, I have tried to understand Israeli politics. Usually, I can, and they seem based on about the same principles as ours.

However, now I am baffled. I know Ariel Sharon is a hawk and that he wants to subvert the peace process. I know he has a strong following. Still, I fail to understand how he could be allowed to take over 1,000 armed men with him on a visit to the touchiest of the sites in Jerusalem that are sacred to both sides. This was a deliberate provocation and had exactly the results he (and the Barak Govt) should have expected. Riots, deaths of innocents, turmoil, Albright pleading for a cease-fire, the cease-fire not holding and things seeming to get worse..... What possible justification can there be for starting riots with malice aforethought?

I'm sure this will label me "anti-Semitic" by some Israelis, but I am beyond caring about that. I am just appalled that this was allowed to happen.

My comment: Don't worry, Miles. Most of the world shares your views, so you are not alone.

Ronald Hilton - 10/06/00