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Violence in the Middle East

Stephen Read comments.

"The point made by Miles Seeley is whether the role of Sharon was condoned or even supported by the Israeli government. I understand the Israelis to criticize Arafat for not controlling Palestinians on the street. The Israelis now have an opportunity to demonstrate what they mean by controlling Sharon and condemning, perhaps trying him for these provocations. Otherwise they have lost any claim on the moral justification of keeping the peace as suggested by Sebastian Di Tella."

My comment: Miles Seeley (who has wide international experience) and Stephen Read express the viewpoint of the vast majority of people in the world. The argument that anyone had the right to walk on the Temple Mount is the same as the ACLU made when it said the KKK had the right to parade through the streets of a black neighborhood.That might involve a few killed, now we are talking about a world war. Prudence is a cardinal virtue, and a nation, so matter how powerful, which blunders into war for lack of it, usually ends up defeated and humiliated. It now appears that Barak connived with Sharon.

Ronald Hilton - 10/08/00