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Violence in the Middle East

Sebastian Di Tella explains his position:

"I agree with the internationalization of Jerusalem. It is pretty obvious that both parties want it bad enough to halt the peace process if it does not satisfy them concerning Jerusalem. The only reasonable way to solve this is to not give it to any one. Internationalize it. I am talking about the old city of course, not the rest of the urban development, which should be divided between the two nations.

Also, about the last post, my view is not pro-Israeli, it is rather not against Israel. I don't think Palestinians acted in a acceptable way, but the great culprits here are those that provoked them and those that use them and try to fuel their hate and anger. Both Israel and the Palestinians are pretty much trapped in the political games of extremists who don't want to see peace if it is not on their absolute terms."

Ronald Hilton - 10/07/00