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Violence in the Middle East

Bienvenido Macario suggests:

"Perhaps a hold to the negotiations as far as the fate of the Old City of Jerusalem is concerned should also be considered. It is much too early to start the talks about a matter so delicate. Let time heal.

I wonder how Hollywood would react to this episode? Are we to expect movie rights being negotiated for a feature movie like that of Elian? Or Hollywood will simply invoke the unpopularity of vulturish business acumen of late? The timing is uncanny it being election year."

My comment: The last comment is important. In the recent presidential and vice-presidential debates, every remark, every gesture was calculated to win votes. I heard no mention of the United Nations (no votes), and the discussion of the Middle East consisted of meaningless generalities. Joseph Lieberman lamented the suffering of the Israelis and the Palestinians (in that order). We must wait for the vox populi, which is the voice of God. Which God? As for stopping people talking about Jerusalem, even Calvin Coolidge would become talkative.

Ronald Hilton - 10/07/00