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Violence in the Middle East--Israel

The vehemence and length of the messages I have received on the Middle East situation show how explosive the issue is. I am compelled to excerpt these messages. WAISers span the ideological gamut. At one end of the spectrum is Cathie Adams, president of the Texas Eagle Forum who, even by American standards has a strong dislike of the United Nations. She does not hide her party affiliation. She says:

"I have studied in Israel its historical geography of the first and second temple periods. My study of current affairs in Israel heavily reflects the historical understanding. Just as I believe that EVERY American has a right to walk into our nation's White House, I believe that Sharon had the right to walk onto Temple Mount, the holiest place for the Jewish people in the world, and only the third holiest to the Moslems.

Just because gunmen stormed our U.S. Capitol a few years ago, I do NOT believe that we need the UN to monitor its hallways. Israel is a sovereign nation, yet the current leadership of Israel was manipulated into office by Bill Clinton and James Carville. And the so-called peace negotiations have rendered Israel more vulnerable with each passing decision, while the Palestinians have gained economically,militarily, strategically."

My comment: This is just the opening of Cathie's statement. Any suspicious character or anyone with a gun would be prevented from entering the White House, and rightly so. Although distrust in the UN is justified, we have to be balanced in our judgments. The world is turning against the US because it is viewed as being unacceptably biassed in favor of Israel. There is nothing to be gained by reinforcing that conviction. Unless we are very judicious, we risk starting World War III. My position is that the creation of the state of Israel was a mistake. The State Department, the Foreign Office warned against it, but Truman, who was essentially a politician, just pushed ahead. I lived through that period. Any thoughtful person could have foreseen the present situation. Now Israel is there, and we must try to unscramble the omelette. This is of course just one WAISer's opinion.

Ronald Hilton - 10/07/00