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MIDDLE EAST: Water and Politics

Fay Afaf Kanafani writes:

"Tim Brown is right, the weaponry that Israel arms itself with against its neighbors comes in so many forms. My elaboration on his theory is the following: In 1996, I arranged for a program on Water in the Middle East with my Group, WOMEN Interfaith for Dialogue in the Middle East. The Water workshop was held at the World Affairs Council in San Francisco, with a panel of six experts. Among those panelists were: an Israeli, a Palestinian, a Lebanese, and an American from the US Administration. We had official documents from Lebanon that Israel, under the pretence of a security zone in the Lebanese South, had dug a tunnel under the Litani River and changed the course of its water toward the Palestinian land occupied by Israel. The tunnel is still there, and the Southern part of Lebanon is suffering the consequences. Israel did the same to the West Bank and to the Source of the Jordan River. The Israeli attacks involved other resources than water too. The Lebanese have pictures of Israeli trucks being filled with the Lebanese Soil in their fertile South and driven down across the borders with what is now Israel."

Ronald Hilton - 10/08/00