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NICARAGUA: The Battle of Ocotal

John Heelan comments on the "first dive bombing attack in the history of war" at Ocotal. I am out of my depth, or rather height, on this subject: "Then first real dive-bomber, the Curtiss F8C Helldiver, did not appear until 1929, some two years after Ocotal. If General Sullivan means that it was the first time aircraft were used in diving attacks, then perhaps he should look at the history of torpedo launching from low-flying aircraft, usually seaplanes. The first effective use of this technique occurred on Aug. 12, 1915, when a British Short Type 184 seaplane sank a Turkish vessel in the Dardanelles. Other navies' torpedo planes also had some success during World War I. A long time before Ocotal".

Ronald Hilton - 4/3/02