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NICARAGUA: William Walker and anti-Americanism

Since William Walker wanted to annex Nicaragua as a slave state, there is a Southern and a Northern version of him. The North won the Civil War, but it has not quite defeated William Walker, as this message from Cameron Sawyer makes clear:

"William Walker, the Gray-eyed Man of Destiny , is still a legend in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, from where Walker himself, a distant relative of mine, hailed, and yes he is considered a hero, at least by the little old blue-haired ladies of Belle Meade. There is plenty of extant material about this not too glorious chapter in our history, such as Filibusters and Financiers: The Story of William Walker and His Associates by William O. Scroggs, 1969, from my own library. Walker studied at the University of Nashville (predecessor of Vanderbilt University), and went to Europe to study medicine, where he witnessed the 1848 revolutions. I understand he also had some connection to San Francisco, and here s a good article from the Historical Society of San Francisco:

Ronald Hilton - 4/3/02