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Nicaragua and Henry Carlisle

We posted an account of the novel Henry Caslisle is writing about US intervention in Nicaragua. This is one of the hot topics in US-Latin American relations. For this reason I invited him to join WAIS. He replied "I am pleased to accept your invitation to join WAIS. If a discussion about my (undocumented and possibly incorrect) guess about "collateral damage" should ensue, I will be eager to know the responses, especially those of Marines. In the '80s I interviewed General William Lemly, now deceased, who as a 2nd Lt. was one of the pilots of DH-4's in the VO-1 squadron under Col. Rosser. Incidently my late great-uncle Brig General (then Col.) Douglas C. McDougal was one of the four US heads of the Guardia, before that organization was handed off to the Somozas and to history. "Tacho" Somoza was my uncle's interpreter, bartender, and crony. My uncle was one of the most charming and politically incorrect Marine officers who ever lived. Lemly agreed. I fear that he may have had more than a little to do with the rooting of the Somozas' power in Nicaragua"

My comment: WAISers welcome Henry. They will have to brush up on the subject. Do any of these names ring a bell? I would like to hear from both gringos and Latin Americans.

Ronald Hilton - 3/31/02