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NICARAGUA: The Marines and Ocotal

Having edited Who's Who in Latin America, I am painfully aware of the difficulty of identifying individuals, Referring to postings about Nicaragua, Marine General Sullivan says he cannot confirm the information given by other WAISers: "The only W.B. Lemley was a Marine Captain in China, a Regimental Supply officer, who was wounded in Tientsen during the Boxer Rebellion in July, 1900. He could have had a son flying in VMO-1 in Nicaragua in the late '20 and very early '30 as a 2nd Lt,, but there is no record of him as a Marine aviator or officer in the "banana wars" or WWII. He is on no Marine General Officer list. If he was Deputy Commandant of the Army Command & Staff College he may have been Army. There is no mention of a Col Rosser who commanded VO-1, and Major Rowell is the only CO mentioned throughout the after action reports I have seen. The info on Col Douglas C McDougal is correct; he was one of the four Commanders of the Guardias. This may seem like trivia to you, but to me I want it reported factually and not embellished through the years by folks in their later years interviewing others in their later years who claim they were there and this is the way it happened".

My comment: I am ignorant and bewildered.

Ronald Hilton - 4/7/02