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NICARAGUA: Report in La Prensa

It is axiomatic that specialists disagree, often sharply, with other specialists. An Argentine disagreed with Tim Brown, who now aims his fire at an report from Nicaragua published in the respected Spanish newspaper El País, which is usually very reliable in areas of my special competence. Tim writes (I omit the strongly worded conclusion):

"This article is a near perfect example of partisan propaganda disguised as objective news writing. The writer predicts that Daniel Ortega will win the November 4 Nicaraguan election: He lost by 14% It claims he never gave safe haven to terrorists:ETA, the PLO, Hammas, and many more had offices in Managua for eleven years under his government's protection. Their archives were blown up some years ago by a bomb an ETA terrorist was making. The police then arrived and seized their archives. Their presence in Nicaragua during the government of Ortega and their having benefited from his protection have thus been matters of documented public record, and has been for several years. As to his having become a moderate, hardly. One of his first acts as a presidential candidate was to run to Libya to pay obeisance to Khadaffi and receive funding for his campaign. Only those who consider Khadaffi a moderate would dare suggest Ortega is also one. As if that were not enough, three of his former comrades in arms since the 1960s have publicly denounced Daniel Ortega in La Prensa and other Nicaraguan media for "crimes against humanity" committed per his personal orders both during the 1959-79 clandestine guerrilla period and during his presidency. They specifically mention murder, torture, rape, pillage, and a few others. Further, the daughter of Augusto Cesar Sandino has publicly denounced him for having usurped her fathers name".

My comment: I must go back to the original article to see how much of this the correspondent said, and how far he was simply quoting what Ortega claimed.

Ronald Hilton - 11/18/01