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NICARAGUA: The Sandinista Front--The Final Gong

Stephen Schwartz disagrees with Tim Brown, LANS and me about the dramatis personae of the Sandinisa Front:

"Three corrections. The assassin of Somoza Garcia (the elder) was not a student. It was the poet Rigoberto Lopez Perez, who disguised himself as a waiter to enter a banquet. When I last visited Nicaragua in 1993 there was a metal plaque on the wall outside the building in Leon where the shooting occurred. I did not go inside. Augusto Calderon Sandino was probably the individual's birth name. The name Augusto Cesar Sandino was fabricated by his followers -- the original ones, not the Soviet agents who usurped his name. Sandino was brutally attacked by the Comintern, in the person of none other than Farabundo Marti, as a traitor, before his death. Augusto Sandino was no Marxist of any sort. He was much more of a Theosophist, though his brother Socrates, who represented him abroad, appeared on Comintern platforms many times before the CI's denunciation of Augusto. The revelation about the klichka or KGB alias of Carlos Fonseca is interesting but not as interesting as the claim that he was assassinated on orders from Tomas Borge Martinez during the factional conflict in the FSLN preceding the collapse of the Somoza dictatorship.And is it not true that when Tomas Borge Martinez was arrested under Somoza Debayle he was allowed a two-room cell with books and a typewriter, at the insistence of then-Bishop Obando y Bravo?"

My comment: Most WAISers are probably dazed by this. It shows how much disagreement there can be in the world of intelligence. As for the assassin of Somoza, he may well have been a poet and a student. Like many Latin American universities, the University of Leon was full of eternal pseudo students. We must here ring the final gong on this arcane matter.

Ronald Hilton - 11/27/00