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Nicaragua & the Sandinistas

Bill Ratliff writes: "My reaction to Rodney Beard's comment did shift the focus from landmines to the Sandinista government in Nicaragua, as you noted, so let me return to give an example from the more specific topic: a well-known mining incident the Sandinistas blamed on the United States but which was carried out under the direct orders of Sandinista Defense Minister Humberto Ortega. In June 1983 Ortega personally approved the mining of the road between Trojes and Cifuentes IN HONDURAN TERRITORY and one result was the death of two foreigners - Dial Torgerson of the Los Angeles times and a free-lance photographer who drove down the road in their tiny white Toyota and became history. This story is told by Roger Miranda, the co-author of my The Civil War in Nicaragua, who was chief of the Sandinista Defense Ministry Secretariat and top aide to Ortega between 1980 and 1987. Of course Daniel Ortega blamed the United States for the mining, and as in the Dessers incident mentioned before, most foreigners stumbled over each other to buy the Sandinista lies. One result of the killing of the journalists was that mining in HONDURAS was stopped - until the smoke settled. It continued without a break in Nicaragua. "

Bill Ratliff - 03/27/98