About Dokyoon’s research on radiation biomarker detection:

Background: The purpose of this project is to develop medical technology for rapid-readout, high-throughput triage applications for the general public in a mass exposure radiological or nuclear scenario. Stanford University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory formed a consortium to propose and contract for this development program. The consortium is entitled the Rapid and Accurate Proteomic Index Dosimetry (RAPID) consortium.

Objectives: The consortium's technical objective is to advance the technology and knowledge base to produce a novel protein chip platform based on a small set of established protein radiation biomarkers to rapidly assess the dose range of whole body ionizing radiation exposure of a large number of victims in a terrorist attack. At the heart of this platform are magneto-nanosensor chips functionalized with a panel of radiation-sensitive protein biomarkers that will be validated using blood from irradiated mice, humans, and monkeys. .