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Prof. Shan X. Wang

Dr. Robert J. Wilson



Affiliated Students and Postdoctoral fellows


Michael Chapline

Jason Jury

Dongwoon Shin

Nate Chittenden

Sebastian Osterfeld

Liangliang Li

Shu-Jen Han

Wei Hu

Dok-Won Lee

Liang Xu





Ph.D. Graduates

M.S. Graduates

Postdocs and Visiting Scientists





Prof. Shan X. Wang

Dr. Wang is a professor in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering and jointly in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He is also with the Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials, and is affiliated with Stanford Bio-X Program. His current research interests lie in magnetic nanotechnologies in general and include bio-magnetic sensing, magnetic microarrays, novel magnetic nanoparticles, magnetoresistive materials and spin electronics, magnetic inductive heads and soft magnetic materials, magnetic integrated inductors, as well as magnetic random access memory (MRAM),. He has published over 100 papers and holds 8 patents (issued and pending) on these subjects. He and Alex Taratorin also published a book titled "Magnetic Information Storage Technology" through Academic Press. Dr. Wang was among the inaugural group of Frederick Terman Faculty Fellows at Stanford University (94-97), and an IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer (2001-2002). He also received an IBM Partnership Award in 1999, and was selected to the CUSPEA program organized by Nobel Laureate T. D. Lee in 1986. Dr. Wang received the B.S. degree in physics from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1986, the M.S. in physics from Iowa State University in 1988, and the Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) at Pittsburgh in 1993.

      Please contact Dr. Wang by email or his administrative assistant.


Dr. Robert J. Wilson

Text Box:  Dr. Robert Wilson is a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at Stanford University. His current research focuses on magneto-nano sensors and the use of nanoimprint lithography based fabrication for the creation and chemical functionalization of nanostructures and nanoparticles made from a variety of materials, including multilayer magnetic films. Dr. Wilson has been involved in nanotechnology research since his pioneering efforts at IBM Research used Scanning Tunneling Microscopy to first reveal the atomic corrugation and structure of close packed metal surfaces and the internal structure of individual molecules. He has also contributed and retains interests in diverse areas including magnetic resonance, positron annihilation, various microscopies, surface analysis methods, and thin film deposition and patterning techniques. Dr. Wilson has published over 60 papers, holds 9 issued patents, and received many IBM awards for his research and patents. Dr. Wilson received his B.S. and Ph.D. in physics from UC Berkeley in 1972 and 1982, respectively, and his M.S. in physics from University of Chicago in 1974.

Please contact Dr. Wilson by email.


Affiliated Ph.D. Students:

Michael Chapline     Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 2001-2002

Dissertation: Spin Transport and Spin Filtering in Nanostructures

Thesis work focuses on spin electronics in spin filter and half-metal materials.

Jason Jury      Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 2000-2001

Dissertation: Micromagnetic Devices at GHz Frequences

Thesis work focuses on noise sources in giant magnetoresistive (GMR) sensors, and design and characterization of micromagnetic devices at >1GHz.

Dongwoon Shin      Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 1998-1999

Dissertation: CPP Nano-contact Spin Valves with Giant Magnetoresistance

Thesis work focuses on CPP (current perpendicular to plane) nano-contact spin valves, which consist of two magnetic electrodes connected via noble metal nanoparticles with a diameter of ~10 nm. Such materials are necessary to sustain the explosive growth in magnetic data storage performance.

Nate Chittenden      Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 2002-2003

Dissertation: DSP for Magnetic Biochips

Thesis work deals with signal processing strategies for parallel and fast interrogation of magnetic biochips.

Sebastian Osterfeld      Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 2002-2003

Dissertation: Biofunctionalization and Microfluidics for MagArray Biochips

Thesis work deals with fabrication of magnetic biosensors, biofunctionalization of biochips, and integration and testing of microfluidics with biochips.

Liangliang Li       Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 2003-2004

Dissertation: Nanogranular Soft Magnetic Materials for Integrated Inductors

Thesis work deals with fabrication and characterization of nanogranular soft magnetic materials for on-package integrated inductors.

Shu-Jen Han       Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 2003-2004

Dissertation: Design, Integration, Fabrication and Testing of Magnetic Biochips

Thesis work focuses on VLSI design, layout, integration, fabrication, and testing of magnetic biochips based on spin valve array and magnetic nanotags and suitable for detecting DNA fragments and proteins.

Wei Hu      Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 2004-2005

Dissertation: Synthetic Magnetic Nanoparticles

Thesis work focuses on nanoimprinting, and fabrication of nanoarrays and synthetic magnetic nanoparticles.

Dok-Won Lee      Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 2004-2005

Dissertation: Design and Fabrication of Magnetic Integrated Inductors

Thesis work deals with the design and fabrication of on-die and on-package magnetic integrated inductors for power conversion and wireless communication.

Liang Xu      Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 2004-2005

Dissertation: Design and Fabrication of Submicron-Sized Magnetic Biosensors

Thesis work focuses on design, fabrication, biofunctionalization, and testing of submicron-sized magnetic biosensors.



Ph.D. Graduates

Jongill Hong                   Yonsei University, Republic of Korea                        

Bill Bailey                       Columbia University, New York                     

Bruce Wilson                  Hitachi Global Storage Technology, San Jose                                 

Manish Sharma              HP Labs, Palo Alto                      

Nianxiang Sun                Northeastern University, Boston                   

Yun Li                              GE Research, New York State           

Christophe Fery*            ThomsonFrance                            

(*jointly w/ Univ. Poincare, Nancy II, France)

Seung-Young Bae            Silicon Valley Startup

Ankur Mohan Crawford     Alger Asset Management,  New York

Guanxiong Li                   Western Digital,  Milpitas


M. S. Graduates

Andrew Wee                      Intel,  Santa Clara                    

Akio Furukawa                  Sony,  Japan

Wallace Chen                    International Rectifier

Vikram Joshi                     Nanomax, Emoryville, CA

Morgan Hallmon               Harvard University

Nick Pfister                       Industry, Southern California


Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Scientists:

Dr. Kyusik Sin                       University of Minnesota, now at Western Digital

Dr. Davide Guarisco              ETH, Switzerland, now at Maxtor Corp.

Dr. Chang-Man Park             Sanji University, Republic of Korea, now at Western Digital

Prof. Sang-suk Lee                Sanji University, Republic of Korea

Mr. Ken Yamada                   Fujitsu, Japan

Mr. Ken Aoshima                  NHK, Japan

Dr. Yasuyoshi Miyamoto      NHK, Japan

Mr. Wataru Kimura               Hitachi, Japan

Dr. Dave Robinson*              Stanford University

(*jointly with Prof. Shouheng Sun, Brown University)

Dr. Jenny Kemp*                   Harvard University 

(*jointly with Stanford Genome Technology Center)

Dr. Heng Yu*                          University of Washington, now with

(*jointly with Prof. Shouheng Sun, Brown University)

Dr. Hao Zeng*                           University of Nebraska, now on faculty at SUNY Buffalo

(*jointly with Prof. Shouheng Sun, Brown University)

Dr. Seung-Young Bae*              Stanford University

(*jointly with Dr. Sheila Vaidya, LLNL)


Undergraduates Worked in the Group

Peter Bischoff,  Amish Babu, Mike Shearn, Nancy Wu, Evans Ashley, Morgan Hallmon, Wade Luhman



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