WAW 2010


List of accepted papers:

  • A sharp PageRank algorithm with applications to edge ranking and graph sparsification - Fan Chung and Wenbo Zhao
  • The geometric protean model for on-line social networks - Anthony Bonato, Jeannette Janssen and Pawel Pralat
  • Efficient Triangle Counting in Large Graphs via Degree-based Vertex Partitioning - Mihail Kolountzakis, Gary Miller, Richard Peng and Charalampos Tsourakakis
  • Random Walks on Digraphs, the Generalized Digraph Laplacian and the Degree of Asymmetry - Yanhua Li and Zhi-Li Zhang
  • Component Evolution in General Random Intersection Graphs - Milan Bradonjic, Aric Hagberg, Nick Hengartner and Allon G. Percus
  • Modeling Traffic on the Web Graph - Mark Meiss, Bruno Goncalves, Jose J. Ramasco, Alessandro Flammini and Filippo Menczer
  • Finding and visualizing graph clusters using PageRank optimization - Alexander Tsiatas and Fan Chung Graham
  • Constant Price of Anarchy in Network Creation Games via Public Service Advertising - Erik Demaine and Morteza Zadimoghaddam
  • Fast Katz and Commuters: Efficient Estimation of Social Relatedness in Large Networks - Pooya Esfandiar, Francesco Bonchi, David Gleich, Chen Greif, Laks Lakshmanan and Byung-Won On
  • Game-theoretic Models of Information Overload in Social Networks - Christian Borgs, Jennifer Chayes, Brian Karrer, Brendan Meeder, R Ravi, Ray Reagans and Amin Sayedi
  • Multiplicative Attribute Graph Model of Real-World Networks - Myunghwan Kim and Jure Leskovec
  • Clustering of Graphs with of Multiple Edge Types - Matthew Rocklin and Ali Pinar
  • Improving Random Walk Estimation Accuracy with Uniform Restarts - Konstantin Avrachenkov, Bruno Ribeiro and Don Towsley