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A goal of the Wellspring of Innovation is to demonstrate Stanford's far-reaching and positive influence in the community and the world.

Emphasis has been placed on the actual founders of the business entity, rather than the founders of the company's technology. For example, accounts of the development of Cisco Systems' first router indicate that it was a collaborative effort by many individuals on the Stanford campus -- some of whom go uncredited here.

Smaller consulting firms, law firms and non-profit groups may be under-represented here, largely because they are more difficult to research. Submissions are encouraged.

General criteria for inclusion:

  • Company did not originate as a unit or division of a parent company, although it may have become a division through merger or acquisition, AND
  • One or more of the founders fulfill the following guidelines:
    • Attended Stanford for at least three quarters prior to founding the company, OR
    • Served as Stanford faculty or staff prior to founding the company, AND
    • Status as founder confirmed either through self-reporting or through publicly available sources such as directories, news articles, company websites, etc.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: The Wellspring of Innovation founder data has been developed from public sources, including business directories, news articles and company web sites. Any individual with privacy concerns may request deletion of their record by using our submit form.

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