Hi Folks,

Beginner windsurfing classes for Spring 2012 are coming up soon!

Enrollment hasn’t opened just yet; check back a couple weeks before Spring Break and we should have the signups open. To make it easy for everyone to take windsurfing, we have different class sections that you can sign up for: generally we will have 4 or 5 weekday sections from 3-6pm, and also another Friday section from 12-3pm.

If you want to hear about signups as soon as they open, make sure to register for the windsurf-all mailing list here.

We are currently recruiting TAs to help us teach. TAs help us manage the class and give on-the-water advice to students. If you have taken the class before or have previous windsurfing experience, you are a perfect fit! Contact us using the “Contact Us” link on the right sidebar.

Get ready for a great Spring!