Community driven development
Community-based projects have often been suggested to combat international women’s health issues as diverse as female genital mutilation, domestic violence in conflict zones, and supporting the aging.
Recent initiatives by the World Bank and other international organizations show that the global community has recognized the value of empowering communities through decentralization. These community-focused initiatives cover many aspects of domestic and foreign support, from managing natural resources to microfinance.
In this website, we hope to provide an overview of the diverse and successful Community-Driven Development (CDD) programs currently working toward sustainable development, an understanding of criticisms and risks of decentralizing management, and links to further information.
CDD Programs Seek To:
  1. Improve funding programs by empowering communities to prioritize resources
  2. Incorporate women and youth in resource management
  3. Take advantage of local social institutions for greater political and financial accountability
  4. Lower costs by giving money directly to communities
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Alicia Cooperman and Rishan Mohamed
International Women’s Health
Stanford University
March 2008