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Welcome, new players!

It’s fall quarter, and we’re all gearing up for another amazing season. One of the ways we keep Stanford Women’s Rugby great is by welcoming in new players each year. So if you’re a Stanford student, come out and see what the team is about! It doesn’t matter if you’re big, small, a freshman, a senior, or if you even know what rugby is. We accept everyone, and we’re always looking for new players. Check out our recruitment page, or just drop by one of our events at the beginning of the quarter:

Catch us at the activities fair in White Plaza on Friday, September 29.
Come to our barbeque on Friday, October 6, from 5:30pm to 7pm at the rugby stadium (free food!)
Come watch the USA vs. Uruguay Rugby World Cup Qualifying Match at 2pm on Saturday, October 7, at the rugby stadium
Come to the first practice on Tuesday, October 10 at 3:30pm at the rugby stadium.
Email our rookie moms, Lindsey and Danielle with any questions you have, or to get signed up for the rookie email list.

2006 All-American Squad!

7 Stanford women were selected for the 2006 All-American Squad!

2005-2006 USA Rugby Collegiate All-Americans

First Team
Acosta, Dena, Stanford (Pacific)
Anglade, Olivia, Stanford (Pacific)
Tseng, Jossy, Stanford (Pacific)

Second Team
Danford, Rachel, Stanford (Pacific)
Folayan, Victoria, Stanford (Pacific)
Smit, Melissa, Stanford (Pacific)
Steele, Angela, Stanford (Pacific)